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Online counselling/therapy is a professional way of undertaking such via the internet, and although not in person it will still be face-to-face by video call. Sometimes clients use online along with traditional counselling/therapy, but a lot more are using it now as a complete alternative. Benefits of online counselling/therapy include: easier for people who live in rural or remote areas; accessible for anyone with physical and psychological limitations; people who work long or awkward hours; safety and security; convenient; and more affordable.

Video call

Video call (webcam) counselling/therapy is face-to-face, but not in person...instead you talk online over a video link. This means you do not have to visit an office, and if say you are having couples sessions then each of you can be in a different location...if needed, like with a long-distantance relationship. What is required is a PC, laptop, or tablet (mobile phones can be used, but only recommended for individual counselling/therapy) with a webcam, download the necessary software, and have access to the internet with as good as possible connection. VSee is the primary platform used, being more secure and compliant, and Skype can be used but only as back up.


Telephone counselling/therapy is not suitable for everyone, and especially can not be recommended for some issues. It is more for people who are not comfortable with face-to-face, and possibly with the aim of upgrading to such when they are ready to do so. The actual call itself will be free since you will be called on your only pay for the length of the session itself. What you need is simply a phone, and network connection.

Email and Instant Message

Email and instant messaging counselling take the form of a series of exchanges between counsellor and client. You can express your thoughts, feelings, problems and concerns, and then it will be read and responded to. As with phone counselling they are not suitable for any complex mental health issues, and rather more a first step towards counselling/therapy by phone and video call. What you will need is a suitable device, appropriate email or IM account, and connection to the internet.


Person-centred therapy is a humanistic approach that deals with the ways in which individuals perceive themselves rather than how a counsellor can interpret their thoughts or ideas.


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave.


Integrative therapy is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies. Integrative therapists take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations.


Gestalt therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes personal responsibility, and that focuses on the individual's experience in the present moment, the therapist / client relationship, the environmental and social contexts of a person's life, and the self-regulating adjustments people make as a result of their overall situation.


Mindfulness is a technique that can help people manage their mental health or simply gain more enjoyment from life. It involves making a special effort to give your full attention to what is happening in the present moment - to what is happening in your body, your mind or surroundings, for example in a non-judgemental way. Mindfulness describes a way of approaching our thoughts and feelings so that we become more aware of them and react differently to them.


Interpersonal therapy (IPT) is a structured therapy. A central idea in IPT is that psychological symptoms, such as a depressed mood, can be understood as a response to current difficulties in our everyday interactions with others. In turn, the depressed mood can also affect the quality of these interactions. When a person is able to interact more effectively with others, their psychological symptoms often improve.


Psychoanalysis is both a psychological theory and therapy which aims to treat mental disorders by investigating the interaction of the conscious and unconscious, bringing repressed fears and conflicts into the conscious mind.

FREE consultation

The consultation can be either by video call or phone. Duration 35 minutes. During this time we will discuss your needs...there will be some specific questions to answer, time to ask any you need answers to, and then how we will take things forward. We will then arrange the date/time for the first session, if that is the outcome at the end.

First session HALF PRICE

The first session will be half the normal fee that has already been confirmed for your sessions. I offer this because if you find that online counselling/therapy does not work for you, after an actual session, then at least you have not also been burdened with any full cost.

Lower fees

Reduced fees, as indicated in the section below, can be applied to sessions for people such as students, volunteer workers, and others who are on a low income. This can be confirmed at the consultation, but please contact me beforehand to enquire further if needed.


There are also FREE clinic days, unscheduled, usually advertised on social media platforms when happening.


On my clinic landing page please click on the waiting room button, then enter as a guest or sign up/log in. I am informed of people in the waiting room, but please note that whilst the clinic is open there will already be prebooked sessions in progress so I can not guarantee when I will be able to see you...but will make every effort to do so as quickly as possible. It is always better though to book a time through the booking option, to be sure. The walk-in service is their for new potential clients to have a consultation, without prior booking, or for existing clients who require extra help between already scheduled sessions.

Types of sessions and cost


Individual counselling/therapy is a one-to-one discussion between counsellor and client. The two form an alliance, relationship or bond that enables trust and personal growth.


60 minutes duration

£35 by video call (or £25 if four paid for in advance)


30 minutes duration

£17 by video call


Please ask about phone sessions, and if on a low income



Weekly (most popular)


Monthly (later follow-ups)


Couples/marriage counselling/therapy is a form that looks to improve communication, and resolve issues within an intimate relationship.


60 minutes duration

£45 by video call


Please ask if on a low income


Weekly (most popular)


Monthly (later follow-ups)


Family counselling/therapy helps people with relationship difficulties better manage the personal, or interpersonal, issues to do with children and family, and other problems....during marriage, separation, and divorce through mediation.


60 minutes duration

£55 by video call


Please ask if on a low income



Weekly (most popular)


Monthly (later follow-ups)

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps you to identify goals, achieve those goals, guide you through changes and obstacles, give you permission to follow your dreams, teach you how to make the right decisions for yourself, focus on looking towards your future, and focus on solutions.


60 minutes duration

£35 by video call (or £25 if four paid for in advance)


30 minutes duration

£17 by video call


Please ask about phone sessions, and if on a low income


Weekly (most popular)


Monthly (later follow-ups)

Mental Health & Well-being Adviser

Advising on areas of mental health, primarily to analyse current resources and procedures in place, plan to implement change, improve already active methods, enable cross-functional working, enhance levels of communication, help with outsourcing, and monitor adherence to legislation.


Consulting hours, and rates, vary so please contact me to discuss these further.


The primary way to book is via the option on my VSee clinic landing page, and when you enter your contact details you will receive confirmation of bookings, reminders, and ability to both cancel and reschedule. However, you can contact me directly by either email or text but this will quite possibly take longer to assist you with your needs.

Cancellations and rescheduling

Things happen, and will no doubt happen for either party at some stage...such as change of plans, emergencies, or last minute problems like the internet connection. However, I do ask as much as it is possible for you to give me 24 hour notice of any cancellation/reschedule to enable someone else to have the opportunity of having that slot...doing so either by the button on your confirmed booking email/message, or contacting me will get a reminder 24 hours before your appointment to alert you to this. No-shows, unless I am contacted later, will be invoiced a fee of £15.

Payment methods

I will send an invoice to your supplied email address, via my PayPal business account, once a week on a Sunday/Monday which will include all sessions from the previous week. Through PayPal you can then simply pay as you would normally pay online, by card for example, and you do not need a PayPal account. You do not have to settle the invoice that day, but there will be a due date of ten days from the issue date.


Invoices can be paid by Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, PayPal CREDIT, or PayPal Later.


Card payment options are also available. You will be asked for your card details, the first time and securely, but you will not be charged until after a session...not before. It is also possible to set up a standing order, and my details can be given on request.


Weekly sessions for less, subscribe below, AFTER initial consultation and first half price session.

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