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Counselling/therapy session £20 or two a week for £30, by video call via Skype or VSee (individual/couples).

Skype - sean.kyle53 and VSee -

How I Can Help You

Take the first step...self-referrals, GP referrals, and others welcome. Online and by phone service. Individuals, couples/marriage, and family. Concession fees available from £ 15.00 per session, depending on circumstance. All situations considered, just enquire. Reductions for having regular sessions.


Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, and we don't feel as though we can talk to family or friends. Even talking to the Doctor doesn't sound like a good idea either. So, what is left? This is where a person like me comes into your life. You may have bigger and more issues than you first thought, or maybe less, but it doesn't matter because what does matter is how you feel. Mental health issues are one of the biggest problems we will ever face, they can't be seen, they can't be cured instantly, they are individual to us, and very often other people will not understand. With help, you have it in you to walk out of the dark and into the light. I offer help for a number of issues and disorders, using appropriate therapies as needed. I specialize in conducting counselling/therapy sessions online which allows me to be flexible with times such as early mornings and evenings, convenient by having the reach to anyone with access to the internet or phone, and cost-effective in being able to help people according to their income. Video call is the closest for face-to-face, with by phone being the next  suitable. Both these methods have proven to be suitable and popular. I offer a free 45 minutes consultation to start, and then the first 75 minutes session is also free. This is so that a person can see if we work together well, and the service is for them, without having the extra worry of spending out money at the start. You have nothing to lose other than some time in the day. Individual, couples, family, and group sessions are available. Everything is private and confidential. No labels, no judgements. I believe in a Counsellor/Client relationship based on mutual respect. I will not promise to cure you, that is within your own power, but I will promise to listen, guide, act, and you will change for the better. This is not just work for me, this is a vocation and I consider myself an advocate for Mental Health Awareness. Please take the time to look over my website, and contact me even just to ask a question. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.


Sean Kyle

Independent Counsellor and Psychotherapist / Life Coach

MSc (tbc), BSc (Hons), HND applied psy, Dip. psy, Dip. psyth, Dip. couns MOC, MSFTR

Specializing in Person-Centered Counselling and Psychotherapy


(BACP) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and (ACTO) The Association for Counselling and Therapy Online compliant.

Online Counselling and Therapy via online, and phone.

Video call £52 to £70 per session

Access to internet needed. Primarily using Skype or VSee, but others can be used on request.

Suitable for face-to-face, and all therapies (popular).

You only pay for session time. Reductions for having regular sessions. Concession fees apply, negotiable.

Phone call £40 per session

Access to a phone needed, landline or mobile.

Suitable for people who do not want face-to-face, but still want to talk in person, and most therapies (popular).

I phone you, so you only pay for session time. Reductions for having regular sessions. Concession fees apply, negotiable.

Email real-time/bundle £35 per session or other

Access to internet needed, and an encrypted email account is required. I can suggest free options.

Suitable for people who are able to express themselves better in writing than face-to-face, but has limited therapeutic potential. You only pay for session time. Reductions for having regular sessions. Concession fees apply, negotiable.

Instant message £35 per session

Access to internet needed. Primarily using Skype IM, Yahoo messenger, WhatsApp, or any other can be used on request.

Suitable for people who prefer messaging, in real-time, than talking to someone face-to-face. Limited therapeutic potential, but more than by email. You only pay for session time. Reductions for having regular sessions. Concession fees apply, negotiable.

Text (SMS) real-time/bundle £25 per session or other

Access to an in-credit phone. Standard rate texts, but expensive if not using a bundle or similar.

Suitable for convenience sake, rather than therapeutic potential, in most cases. You pay for session time, and texts. Not one of the best methods used, but I do offer it if needed. Fees negotiable.

Help available for many issues and disorders, using different therapies.

Individual, couples, family, group

Counselling/therapy for individuals, couples, marriage, family, mediation. Perfect for long-distance relationships, families who live a way apart, or where one person may not feel safe in the same room as another. Plus group sessions via video call room.


Along with, like couples therapy and person-centred therapy, I also use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), integrative therapy, gestalt, mindfulness, interpersonal therapy (IPT), and open talk therapy. Life coaching is also used.


Here are just some of the issues/disorders I offer help for, there are more to check out - bereavement, anxiety, abuse, depression (types), stress, workplace problems, drug abuse, alcohol problems, addictions, phobias, PTSD, low self-confidence, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, personality disorders.


Available for lectures, talks, and appearances. Can supply confirmation letters, statements, standard letters, and full reports on request.

"......for five years I suffered with depression after losing my baby. I didn't know which way to turn and I couldn't talk to my family. even feeling suicidal. now I feel as though I can move on ....."

Angie, from Belfast.

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VSee: Sean Kyle

Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, and working towards ending STIGMA.


It is my aim to help as much as possible, however since I can not guarantee to be available at the exact moment a person needs help I can not be classed as an emergency contact. If you are in crisis then please contact the Samaritans, your GP or health care professional, or the appropriate emergency service. CALL 111.


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