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Preparing For Your Session

VSee virtual clinic

This will take you to my VSee clinic. Whilst on the landing page click on the 'enter waiting room' button, then follow the instructions. You will also download the app, so as to video call. If you are just setting up, then once done you can simply just leave the waiting room, until next time. The clinic enables you to have more of a profile for your counelling/therapy, walk-ins, and direct bookings.

VSee clinic mobile apps

A mobile should only be used for counselling/therapy if it is for individual sessions. You will also need Room code: RBC79, so as to enter my clinic via mobile. The link, via the green button below, is for google apps...for apple apps please go to

Skype (if needed)

This is a link to my Skype profile, where you can follow the instructions which best suit the needs of your device. NB: Please be aware that, although this is the most popular for video call, it is not considered to be as secure or compliant for therapy sessions. It will only be used for back up purposes. 

Which is the best to use for therapy?

About VSee.


Since 2008, VSee has been a leading company in the field of telemedicine. Doctors and hospitals rely on VSee for HIPAA-compliant video as well as several workflow solutions. VSee has designed and implemented telemedicine solutions for NASA, Walmart Clinics, Trinity Hospitals, and many more (VSee, 2019). Check out more at

VSee vs. Skype (© VSee) VSee vs. Skype (© VSee)

Video tutorials

(some of the videos are older, as you may notice, but the working principle is the same)


Almost ready...

When you have booked, and set up, it will then be time to consider how to get the most out of your consultation and future sessions. Please check out the tips and suggestions below.

Tips and suggestions

(always best to use a tablet, laptop, or PC)


Be aware of the time for your consultation/session, and try to be ready at least 5 minutes before. Also, that you will have enough time in which you won't be disturbed.

Pen and paper

Try to remember a pen/pencil and paper, so as to take notes if needed. Not essential, but always a good idea.

Quiet spot

This seems obvious, but consider we often forget about dogs barking, noisy lawn mowers, people talking, and other common background noises. Try to make sure you have as much privacy as is possible.


It is important to make sure there is enough light for your face to be seen clearly during a call.


Make sure your audio is working well. It is recommended using a pair of earbuds, or headphones, to avoid echo problems and enhance your privacy.

Turn phone off

Check to be sure that other devices, like your mobile, are switched off or on silent. Also, adjust your notification settings on the device you will be using.

Device charged

Check that the device you are using is either plugged in, or fully call can quickly drain the power in some devices.

Network connection

It is recommended using a wired connection (LAN cable) instead of Wi-Fi for a more stable connection during a call. If it’s not an option, try moving your device closer to the Wi-Fi hotspot or router.

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