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Privacy, Confidentiality and Ethics

It is my duty to act ethically and responsible, as a therapist.


The service I provide is 100% confidential and private. I do not ever reveal any of your contact information, or content of our sessions, unless I am legally required to by law (Counsellor/Client Contract below).


Due to the fact that my service is solely online, via computer, I do what is necessary to protect up-to-date firewall and antivirus software, strong passwords, encrypted email providers for email sessions such as and, locking of computer or other device when away from it, all accounts associated with my service are under my name and have their own privacy and confidentiality policies such as, and (soon to be discontinued), and all session notes are securely stored and backups password protected. The main computer used for video call sessions is connected to the internet via ethernet cable, and not wifi. When working remotely, away from my office, I use my own router via ethernet cable...not the wifi available at the location. I also use VPN.


Anyone, at anytime, can request their contact details and session notes to be deleted. It is my policy when therapy has ended, or I have not heard from a client for twelve months, to delete contact information but keep their name and session notes for my records only...unless otherwise requested to delete such information.


It is down to a client to ensure security at their end, wherever possible. It is good practice to use, for example, a different account, email address, and passwords from their personal accounts.

Compliant with the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


Compliant with the Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics by the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO).


Compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The Counsellor/Client Contract.


Please note that counsellors/therapists are professionally and ethically bound not to continue therapy if it appears not to be beneficial for the client, and reserve the right to decline clients if the counsellor/therapist feels that a client's needs may be best met elsewhere.


The Contract.


This counselling contract outlines the confidentiality and boundaries that a counsellor/therapist offers. Confidentiality is absolute and whatever you disclose in a counselling session is never revealed outside the session in connection with the client's name, neither is the identity of the client ever revealed to anyone. This does have certain legal exceptions...if a client threatens to seriously hurt or kill themselves or another person (if the counsellor/therapist is confident they do mean to do so), or if they tell the counsellor/therapist that they have already seriously hurt or killed another person or sexually abused someone who is vulnerable (like a child). In these exceptions only the counsellor/therapist is legally required to inform a doctor or other emergency services, or the appropriate authorities...this is to protect the client, others, and the counsellor/therapist themselves. The client must be as open and honest as possible. If important information is not supplied by the client the counsellor/therapist can not be held responsible for any events or actions which may happen to the client, or others, due to lack of disclosure. During counselling/therapy sessions, or after, notes will be taken by the counsellor/therapist which will remain confidential...these notes are to help the counsellor/therapist follow a working process and identify patterns, etc. The counsellor/therapist will also be required to undertake some level of supervision, and see a counsellor/therapist of their own...these are expected of every practising counsellor/therapist to maintain the safety of both themselves and their clients, and where any specific cases are possibly discussed no details of a client will ever be included.


NB: Proceeding with this counselling/therapy is in itself acceptance of the above contract, and must be adhered to by both parties.



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