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Client Testimonials 

These testimonials are from just some of my past Clients, at various stages of my Counselling years, for which I am extremely thankful for. Permission was given for any details shown, and there are no proper pics because there is no need to have pics of Clients on file. The writing is either an extract from an email, or similar, or a quick note which was kindly sent to me.


"......I was sceptical at first having not done anything like this before, but my fears were put to rest quickly. I felt comfortable and relaxed during our sessions....."


Debra Skinner,




".......several counsellors i had before really did not help me. I am not saying that i feel cured, but a hec of a lot better. thank you......"





"......for five years I suffered with depression after losing my baby. I didn't know which way to turn and I couldn't talk to my family. even feeling suicidal. now I feel as though I can move on ....."






"......even though I couldn't afford alot of money, we negotiated what was best in my interests and i had a number of sessions. I use to self-harm, actually for about ten years. I learnt techniques to help me stop....."


Steve A. Doors.



"......simply had no confidence, marriage break down, custody issues, was really in a bad place. Talking helped so much to clear my head....."





"......didn't think this would work, by I am very happy with the results. Thanks......"






"......was always stressed, and anxious. had panic attacks. was affecting my job, and social life. had never even considered counselling before, bit it was so easy and convenient....."


Pat Carnes, 










" Mother had died, after a long struggle with cancer. This got me through the grief. Took me a while, but I got there with your help Sean....."





"......feeling great now. but will be back if I ever need help in the future. will recommend you to others....."


Sara Bolt.



"......when I was young I was abused by my father. Had never spoken about it before until now. I still hurt but feel as though I have released a burden which i could not tell anyone else....."






"......your mediation system really helped. Got things sorted, conveniently and painlessly, got a lot of things off my chest. In other circumstances i would have had to take extra time off work to travel, instead of being able to do it from my home....."






"......just a big thank you really!!!!....."





"......thank you for getting me through the bullying i was experiencing at work.It had been going on too long and i did not know who to talk to....."


Lynn Cross. 



"......I have now cut down on my drinking and smoking. Almost given them up. Getting healthier by the day. Glad I talked about things. Don't know why i didn't do this before......"


Jason Tibbs, 




"......once I would never leave the house. I still find it difficult. But I am getting better each day, more positive, there is a light at the end of the tunnel now....."






"......I regularly joined your post-trauma group online. it was so convenient, meeting others the same and able to afford it. ....."






"......OCD nearly killed me. It was ruining my life, so many compulsions. The group and individual therapy have got me through everything....."






"......for years i had to put up with my abusive partner, but because i am a man i was always scared that no one would take me seriously. You did, thanks....."





"......eating was always my problem, till now. Either not eating, or throwing up...I did it all. It has taken a while but I feel normal again, if how i feel is what normal feels like......"


Debbie Young, 




"......after talking about my rape and the trauma it caused me, I found that is was affecting more than I thought, and would admit to. Talking really helped, and the ways in which I could deal with the nightmares and flashbacks....."





"......thank you for being there and helping, putting it simply. Never thought I would ever do, or need, counselling......"


Jan White, 




" was great being able to talk to someone so easily in another country. Acquired some good techniques to cope with my issues at the time......"


Jacob Smith,




"......once I use to dread public speaking, sometimes just speaking to new people. My work was suffering, and I didn't want to leave cause I love my job. Now I am more confident, and know how to show off the best in me....."


Brian Farmer.



"......when I was at home I use to drink, when I was out I had to drink. Everything was suffering, especially my family, and I hated myself so much. Talking helped to bring out what I was denying, and to come to terms with it....."


Amy Harris, 




".....depression was killing me. Now I get up in the morning looking at the day with a positive attitude......"





".....with the methods you have shown me, I can now get through things and feel more in cotrol of myself. Before I felt as though everything and everyone was against me......"


Kevin Lawson, 



We are all individuals. What is good for one person, is not necessarily good for another. The medicines in the world, the different mental health treatments, different techniques, and methods used will not work for everyone...or not to the same degree. Sometimes what we believe to be the best for us is probably correct...and this why, no matter how good our intentions are, we will only change for ourselves. Also, when it comes low self-confidence and thinking we are not worthy, how can anyone be more or less than us when we are all different in the first place? 


It is my aim to help as much as possible, however since I can not guarantee to be available at the exact moment a person needs help I can not be classed as an emergency contact. If you are in crisis then please contact the Samaritans, your GP or health care professional, or the appropriate emergency service. CALL 111.


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