Sean Kyle - Independent Online Counsellor and Psychotherapist / Life Coach

Mental Health & Well-being Adviser (to both organisations and individuals)

Online Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Life Coaching.

Convenient, flexible, and affordable.

Face-to-face (not in person) via VSee video call

Skype, as back up

Sign up to my VSee virtual clinic so as to take advantage of other benefits...waiting room for walk-ins, or book in advance. Counselling/therapy where it is comfortable and convenient for you, with more flexibility on times available. 


It is important to have a good internet connection, and best to use a PC, laptop, or phones can be used (with appropriate apps), but are only suitable for individual contact.


Tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your sessions. Confirmation of bookings, reminders, and ongoing support.

Phone, email, and instant message also available

Not suitable for complex mental health issues, and more of a first step towards counselling/therapy by video call




FREE 35 minutes consultation

First session half price

Reduced fees available


Up to 60 minutes sessions

30 minutes sessions available

Weekly (most popular)


Monthly (later follow-ups)


FREE clinic days, unscheduled, advertised on social media



£35 per session, individuals, or £25 if four paid for in advance. £17 for 30 minutes

£45 per session, couples

Prepare for your session, with tips and suggestions (always best to use a tablet, laptop, or PC)

Reduced rates for students, volunteers, or others on a low income...please ask

Help available for many issues and disorders, using different therapies

Individual, couples, family

Counselling/therapy for individuals, couples, marriage, family, mediation. Perfect for long-distance relationships, families who live a way apart, or where one person may not feel safe in the same room as another.


Person-centred therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), integrative therapy, gestalt, mindfulness, interpersonal therapy (IPT), and also needed.


Life coaching


Helping you to: identify goals and achieve them, face changes and obstacles, follow your dreams, make right decisions for you, look towards your future, and focus on solutions.



Here are just some: bereavement, anxiety, abuse, depression (types), stress, workplace problems, bullying, drug abuse, alcohol problems, phobias, PTSD, low self-confidence, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, sexual problems, and personality disorders.

Mental Health & Well-being Adviser

Advising, both organisations and individuals, on areas of mental health...mentoring and guiding on how to improve/change current working practices and procedures.

Ongoing support by text, instant message, email, and walk-ins via VSee virtual confirmation and reminders

My pledge

It is my aim to take you through your life now in a positive and productive manner. We will explore you as a person, how you view yourself, interaction with others, needs and wants, hopes and fears for the future. Coping skills, realisation, letting go, and accepting. The importance of change, and proceeding with life differently. Once we have opened and peered through the door to the past and discovered who and why you are, with understanding, lifting blame and guilt, we will remove considered barriers. This is a journey, rather than a quick fix. Decisions and choices will be made by you, I will merely open you up to the possibilities and be with you through those choices. I will not promise to cure you, that is within your power, but I will promise to listen, guide, act, and you will change for the better.

"......when I was at home I use to drink, when I was out I had to drink. Everything was suffering, especially my family, and I hated myself so much. Talking helped to bring out what I was denying, and to come to terms with it....."

Amy Harris,  Devon.

Advocate for Mental Health Awareness. Book your FREE consultation today


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