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Mental Health Awareness

I consider myself an advocate for Mental Health Awareness, and working towards ending the stigma associated with it. Below are ways in which I help, and try to involve others.


Green Wednesday Green Wednesday

Green Wednesday

This happens the last Wednesday in every with Facebook. Feel free to post whatever you like concerning Mental Health Awareness, and the fight against the stigma that still exists. Pics, videos, links, stories...your experiences. Show your support. Please be considerate to others, especially in terms of anything that may be a trigger. Thank you.


Free open surgery Free open surgery

On the days and times below I am available for approx. 75 minutes (a standard session time), which is my open surgery. To speak to me then please go to the link below to go to my video call room, where you will enter straight into...unless it says you need to 'knock'. It is a first come basis, so if you do not get an answer then I am already occupied. I try to give everyone approx. 15 to 20 minutes each. Please try again, but if not that day then please try the next day or contact me direct. Monday 11 am, Tuesday 10 pm, Wednesday 3:30 pm, Thursday 9 am, Friday 10 pm, and Saturday 2 pm...weekly. You can either go to the link in your browser, or download the app at Google Play.


Sean Kyle - Counselling and Therapy Service Support Group (Facebook) Sean Kyle - Counselling and Therapy Service Support Group (Facebook)

If you are a fan of Facebook, and groups, then please feel free to join via the following link. Check things out, and contribute in anyway you can concerning Mental Health issues. If you can help others, or if you require help and willing to share. Please just respect others, and consider any possible triggers. Thank you.




Open support group

This video room is free and open to anyone to enter and discuss Mental Health issues and topics. It will be open from 9 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening, Monday to Saturday...weekly. Please use the link below. There will be no actual session, and I will not be in attendance, but I will monitor the room and may also enter at anytime. If anyone needs to report an issue, or just to enquire about anything, then feel free to contact me directly. You can either go to the link in your browser, or download the app at Google Play


NB: Every person entering the video group room, without exception, must respect others and there will be zero tolerance. Any person who does not abide will be given one warning, and then if they continue they will be disconnected and unable to join the group again. That person can talk to me privately, arranged later, about what happened if they wish to. thank you.


It is my aim to help as much as possible, however since I can not guarantee to be available at the exact moment a person needs help I can not be classed as an emergency contact. If you are in crisis then please contact the Samaritans, your GP or health care professional, or the appropriate emergency service. CALL 111.


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