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Sean Kyle - Counselling and Therapy Service(online via video call, email, messaging - and phone)- message +44 7498 638 464 / WhatsApp -

Preparing For Your Session

Now you have made the decision to begin counselling / therapy, you have taken an important and positive step....but you will want to get the most from your sessions. Here are some tips to help you prepare.


Consider your past

Aspects from your life can be important. Try to consider how events may have affected you, and how you will describe them in session.


Why are you seeking help?

Think about your answer to this question.


Mutual respect

You are putting your trust in me to be open, honest, and confidential....but I need to be able to trust you to be the same with me.



Write down, if you are comfortable doing so, any suggestions I may give to that you do not forget them later, especially concerning future sessions.



Write down any thoughts or questions you may have between sessions, to ask me next time.


Take action

Act on any suggestions which I have made, you feel are helpfule, and anything we have discovered together in session.


Are you ready?

  • allow plenty of time to make sure you are on time to start
  • try to use a room which is quiet
  • no interruptions
  • plenty of light
  • turn off any distractions, phone to silent
  • try to relax as best you can
  • have a pen and paper handy
  • most important, be yourself

It is not always possible to have your surroundings perfect, but the better they are the better your counselling/therapy session will be for you.