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Sean Kyle - Counselling and Therapy Service(online via video call, email, messaging - and phone)- message +44 7498 638 464 / WhatsApp -

Group Therapy Sessions

Below is a link to one of my video rooms, that is used to host my Group Therapy sessions. You can either go to the link in your browser, or download the app at Google Play:

If you are interested in attending any sessions, the first visit is free and then a fee of £12.00 per session after that. You can visit a session simply by attending on that day, but if you want to ensure a place you will have to book one with myself beforehand by contacting me. If you are attending for a second time, then you will need to contact me to give me your details (confidential) so as to be invoiced after any session you attend.

Each session lasts approx. 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes), and I normally open the room at least 5 minutes before the start. When you link to the room you will have to 'knock' to enter. If you get no answer, and have not booked a place, then the session is probably such a case then I would suggest booking the next one to make sure of a place. There can be up to 12 people in a session, with the average being 8. The session will have myself as the resident therapist, and we will discuss the issues associated with that session. The session will end at the designated time.


NB: Every person entering any session, without exception, must respect others and there will be zero tolerance. Any person who does not abide by this will automatically be disconnected from the room, and will not be able to attend again. That person can talk to me privately, later, about such events if they so wish. Thank you.


The following list shows which sessions I host, and schedule (please always check because the days should always be the same, but the times may vary slightly):


Anxiety -

(Monday 24th July, 12:30 pm)

People who suffer from anxiety can find it helpful to interact with others who are in a similar situation, and understand. It can be invaluable to know you are not alone, and to hear how others manage. A group setting can help to improve social skills, which will no doubt help you improve if you are suffering from social anxiety.

Depression -

(Tuesday 25th July, 11:30 am)

Those people who are trying to cope with depression can find themselves feeling vulnerable, and even isolated. Finding a reason to go out and talk to others can be difficult but useful, and even more so in a group session. Reaching out and discussing coping mechanisms with others who have similar issues, can help you to help yourself. Also, it is possible to boost your own self-esteem by offering your own advice. 

Eating Disorders -

(Wednesday 26th July, 12:30 pm)

This group can be helpful as a support network to share and be open about eating issues. However, a group like this may be counter productive where a person might find they compare themselves to others...weight or size. If this does happen, then individual therapy would be better.

Relationship Problems -

(Thursday 20th July, 12:30 pm)

This is for people who find it difficult to have and maintain relationships. Being around, and talking to, others on a regular basis can help improve interpersonal and social skills. These can then be used and improved on with others outside the sessions.

Addictions -

(Friday 21st July, 12:30 pm)

Having a good support network is essential when it comes to overcoming addiction. A lot of the time people are unable to have such support at home, so it helps to be around others with an addiction. This helps by hearing how others cope, improving interpersonal skills, and learning how your behaviours affect other people.

Self-Harm -

(Saturday 22nd July, 12:30 pm)

This group helps people meet others who also suffer with self-harming. This gives the chance to discuss how others cope, and even pick up practical tips.