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About Me

Hello, my name is Sean Kyle and I am an Independent Counsellor and Psychotherapist, plus Life Coach and Psychologist. I specialize in online Person-Centered Counselling and Psychotherapy, focusing on talk therapy and self-actualization. I am bound by the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions, by the (BACP) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, where appropriate, and also the Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics, by The Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO) which memberships are both voluntary. I have a number of qualifications and experience, still studying and training, with at least one Degree (BPS) British Psychological Society accredited, plus 412 supervised hours invovling face-to-face and online...all experience and qualifications are based around and towards online counselling/therapy. My main aim is to offer help to people in a totally professional and ethical manner, strictly private and confidential, flexible, empathetic, and honest...and being a good listener. Although I do charge for counselling and therapy, I do offer concessions for people who are on a low income and always open to negotiation. I consider myself to be an active advocate for Mental Health Awareness, and fighting towards ending stigma.


Now, how did I get to where I am today? Well, I was born in 1971 so I am at this time of writing 45. When I left school in 1987, with reasonable O Level and CSE grades, I studied an OND in Construction Management at Cornwall College Camborne. My intention was to go further on to become an Architect, which I had an interest in at the time. However at that age I was still undecided and I felt that I was doing it more for others rather than myself, so I decided to take time out and went to work full time....a career in Retail began. Over the next twenty years I worked for various Companies, including Tesco and Boots the Chemist, living in different locations and holding different positions from Sales Assistant up to Manager. In each job the part I liked, and excelled at, the most was the people part with mentoring peers and helping customers. I still felt like my career was misplaced though, and I felt as though I needed a change. Then, like fate, I had an accident which resulted in a mild back injury. I was off work for some time, and whilst I was I decided to go back to full time higher education once I was better. So, my new path started and I first studied and completed a HND in Applied Psychology at Truro College, Cornwall....followed by Plymouth University, Cornwall College Camborne again, studying online with King's College London, and taking on a PhD towards the end of this year (2017) or next. My first Graduation was in 2011. I have also completed, along the way, other Diplomas and Certifications in Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy, and numerous Mental Health issues. The areas of Counselling and Therapy are where I believe I do the most good, and take pride in what I have achieved. I was a student rep at Plymouth University, and took part in two Research Apprenticeship Schemes working with Professors and enabling me to co-author in my first published article.


In my spare time I have been a local Town Councillor for the St. Mary's Ward, Bodmin Town Council, Cornwall...where I was a member of committees such as Planning, Youth, and Chairman of Promotions, but also outside committees dealing with residential areas and Victim Support where I was a liaison. I also trained as a volunteer to help with the rehabilitation of offenders, for the Criminal Justice Integrated Team (CJIT). Public speaking comes naturally to me, and I have been called upon often to participate in  presentations and talks. I have undertaken counselling sessions, under supervision, and volunteered. In the past I have also offered, with others, free counselling through two internet sites I founded....Free Counselling Services, and the Counselling and Psychology Community – Social Network (both no longer available)....dealing with numerous issues, and using appropriate therapy techniques in an online environment for nearly four years. My work with people, both professional and other, has spanned over nearly thirty years. Whilst being an Independent Counsellor, previously, I have helped many people to overcome their issues...even just to talk, and mentoring. Testimonials from previous clients have been positive.


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Qualifications attained between 2009 and 2017:



PhD in Mental Health (application process / proposed for 2017 or 2018)


MSc Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health (tbc)

King's College London (online)


BSc (Hons) Psychology (BPS Accredited)

Plymouth University /

Cornwall College Camborne

HND Applied Psychology

Truro and Penwith College


Diploma in Psychotherapy

UK Open College


Diploma in Counselling

Blackford Centre for Counselling


Diploma in Psychology

Personal Health and Fitness (CRT)

Understanding Mental Health and Illness (CRT)

Drug-Free Workplace (CRT)

Human Health - Diet and Nutrition (CRT)

Alcohol and its Effects on Health (CRT)

Biology and Behaviour in Psychology (CRT)

Memory and Cognition in Psychology (CRT)

Research Methods in psychology (CRT)

(CBT) Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Integrative Therapy

Humanistic Therapy

Advance Learning Interactive Systems /

The Association for Psychological Therapies



Member of Open College



Member of Sherwood Foundation Therapists Register





My training and qualifications are ongoing......





Learning three sets of alarms for the same medical functions: A perspective on the difficulty of learning alarms specified in an international standard.


September 2014

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Sean Kyle

Independent Counsellor and Psychotherapist / Life Coach

MSc (tbc), BSc (Hons), HND applied psy, Dip. psy, Dip. psyth, Dip. couns MOC, MSFTR

Specializing in Person-Centered Counselling and Psychotherapy

Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, and working towards ending stigma.

No labels, no judgements. Private and confidential always. Flexible.


I believe in a Counsellor/Client relationship based on mutual respect.

I will not promise to cure you, that is within your own power, but I will promise to listen, guide, and act....and you will change for the better.



Please see my services and how I can help you.


NB: Some qualifications, as shown, are at the studying and confirming stage...experience and training is always ongoing...qualifications, training, and experience are totally suitable for the services I offer.